Surveying and mapping

Aerial surveying and 3D reconstruction with Simultaneous Localization And Mapping

3D reconstruction

Using Simultaneous Localization And Mapping we can get fast and accurate 3D points of the environment recorded with the drone camera. This is state of the art technology used in autonomous vehicles.

Compared to existing photogrammetric solutions we offer better precision and much faster speed of processing which can be up to 25 times faster.

Our product is the first on the market that utilizes this technology and its benefits.


Use Ground Control Points (GCP) to improve the accuracy and achieve centimeter level of precision.

We support RTK/PPK drones which sensors can be used can be used to improve the precision also.

The position (x, y) accuracy is ± 2sm , while the elevation accuracy is higher than 5cm.

Large data collection

Reconstruct different size of object from small sculptures to large landscapes.

We support different level of mapping. From sparse point-clouds for faster processing to dense for detailed analysis and mesh creation.

The system can map large areas with size for more than 100 ha ~ 250 acre in one flight containing hundreds of millions of point clouds

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