Inspect large industrial sites with increased safety and reduced cost of operation

Roof inspection

Easy inspect any roof in 2D and 3D.

In just seconds get accurate data for the roof structure without the need of scaffolding or ladders.

Increase security and reduce labor cost by not exposing construction workers or engineers to dangerous environments.

Compare the construction process to the project design.

Industrial sites inspection

Move away from a week-long manual inspection to a few hours automated inspection process using Dynamix Mapper.

Inspect highly dangerous and highly hazardous locations in minutes without putting lives in jeopardy.

Enhance site visibility by bringing together recent 3D models, panoramas, videos, photos into a single report for all stakeholders to visualize and make actionable project decisions.

Vertical structures and facade inspection

Improve efficiencies and workflows with drone inspections for dangerous and challenging inspections on vertical structures.

Evaluate conditions for historical buildings and objects and compare to previous states so preservation measures can be taken on time.

Monitor construction progress to vertical structures such as high buildings without putting at risk workers or engineers.

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