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Dynamix Mapper

System for the creation of high-precision aerial 3D maps using SLAM.
  • Creation of aerial 3D map with high accuracy from object or location of interest.
  • Accuracy in range of laser scanners.
  • Real-time location and mapping corrections.
  • Drift corrections with loop closure.
  • Sensor fusion using onboard sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer and high precision GPS.
  • Integration of that map with the existing GIS systems.
  • Making of 3D structure from objects such as buildings, dams, bridges, etc.
  • Georeferencing
  • Loop closure
  • Area and volumetric analysis

What you can do

Survey large scale projects

Speed of processing often is crucial to surveying projects.

With our system you can reach speeds up to 20 times faster than current commercial solutions.

Get your map faster, save time for processing and save on site time.

Object reconstruction

Georeferencing using flight log and / or GCPs

Grid filter, point filter and angle filter included

Point cloud classification and editing tools

Coordinate / distance / area / volume measurements


All cad elements supported

Generating Cad points,

2D\3D lines and polylines drawing,

Generating Elevation profiles

Elevation contour lines generation

Dxf export

Fast mesh generation

Fast georeferenced DSM / DTM generation

Define mesh quality parameters

Manipulation tools

Volumetric calculations

Cooperate using SketchFab

Share your work by using our SkechFab company account

Publish your work or allow specific users to see your point clouds

What do you get

Up to 20x faster that competitive photogrammetry products

Speed of processing often is crucial to surveying projects.

With our system you can reach speeds up to 20 times faster than current commercial solutions.

Get your map faster, save time for processing and save on site time.

Transform your data into accurate digital maps

Using Simultaneous Localization and Mapping we can precisely determine the drone position and map the environment.

We also use sensor fusion to improve position accuracy.

Above that you can georeference the generated point cloud for improved positioning.

Reduce cost of operation and licensing

Land surveying and 3D mapping can be expensive depending on project type, location, size and time frame.

Large project can consume long hours in engineering and surveying.

Using Dynamix mapper can shorten the time needed for preparation and mapping for up to 80%, by which can reduce the time on site, waiting for image processing and point cloud generation.

Innovative Solution

The backbone of the solution is an algorithm for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (known as SLAM). We use the whole video from the camera and not just separate images to create 3D maps.

Business Opportunities

Our platform can be used in a variety of fields as geodesy, construction, GIS, 3D aerial mapping. if a whole construction of a project is mapped it will save you time and resources.

Easy Data Access

You can easily access from your desktop application for 3D map creation, a web application for map sharing and online map manipulation and your mobile application.

Flexible Prices

We have developed a flexible price plan depends on your needs and industry in order to deliver a custom solution for every project.

Dynamix Mapper

Competitive Advantage
  • Fast and accurate 3D map creation form images or video in near real-time with proprietary desktop application
  • Integration with drone sensors by which we get bigger accuracy
  • Tools for map manipulation (resize, scaling, volumetric analysis)
  • Multiple export formats
  • Competitors use LIDAR scanners which are expensive, require maintenance and specialized personal. The output has no color and it requires complex software for data processing.



Structure from motion

Process high definition images or video and create high precision 3D pointcloud

  • Different types of drones supported
  • Can be used with other digital imaging devices such as DLSR’s, smart phones, etc.
  • Near real-time processing

Dense point cloud editing

Comprehensive tools for editing of point clouds

Split, combine or filter any point cloud

Large point clouds with millions points supported


Georeferencing and registration

Georeference point clouds with Ground control points

Register multiple point clouds from different sources such as LiDAR, photogrammetry and Dynamix Mapper


Sensor fusion

Import sensors data from the drone and improve the accuracy of the generated 3D map

Multiple sensor data format are supported such as DJI products and Pixhawk autopilot series

CAD tools

Build in tools for distance measurement, area and volume calculation

Export result data to multiple formats such as txt or DXF


Integrated tool for contour generation

There are supported options for contour distance, step, initial height, etc


Generate mesh from any point cloud with our innovative algorithm for fast mesh creation

Select resolution, details and scale factor

Export to obj or stl

Elevation profile

Calculate elevation profile between any number of points

Online point selection and evaluation

Create point cloud belt from elevation profile

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