Monitor your mining operations in 3D and drive profitability with faster volumetric measurements

Mine operation management

Understand complex situations faster. Estimate production better and reduce production cost by fast data collection and 3D volumetric analysis.

Near real time situation awareness. Use any commercial drone and Dynamix Mapper to create precise and accurate 3D models in minutes on site without the need of third party contractors or expensive equipment.  

Stockpile management

Deliver fast and precise 3D stockpile models with highly accurate area & volume measurements.

Using photogrammetry takes up to few hours for accurate stockpile analysis. Using Dynamix Mapper you get the same results few minutes.

Optimize mine planning

Accurately assess environmental changes, calculate the volume excavated.

Monitoring the activities of contractors and third parties.

Provide updates of production process in near real-time to the management so better decisions can be made on time.

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