Tired of waiting for hours for uncertain result from photogrammetry software output?

3D mapping reinvented

More efficient surveying and inspection by uploading your video and modeling the result in minutes instead of hours.

Brings savings to mining with advanced tooling like elevation and 3D models.

Improve site planning and design for construction and mitigate risks.

Law enforcement can map an accident or crime scene with low cost regular camera and see the results instantly..


The result of years of research

It all started at the faculty of electrical engineering and information technology in Macedonia. After years of research and development you can now benefit of our proprietary algorithms. 

It’s fast

Our system is not based on photogrammetry but on a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm. With our technology we reach speeds up to 20 times faster than most other commercial solutions.

It’s accurate

Using Simultaneous Localization and Mapping we can precisely determine the drone position and map the environment. We also support sensor fusion to improve position accuracy.

It’s affordable¬†

We are proud of our technology and want to share it. We don’t value fancy offices and operate efficiently so we can offer you best value for your money.

It’s for you

Digital point cloud processing


Innovative, intuitive and completely game-changing solution for land surveying

How It Works

Your 3D Map In 3 Simple Steps

To get started all that is needed is our Dynamix mapper software (Windows 10 supported) and your (aerial) video or images. With processing speeds up to 20 times faster than traditional solutions you can even wait on-site for your 3D maps to be ready and verify the result instantly. The 3D map is generated on your laptop or pc so it is the ideal solution for remote locations without an internet connection.



Capturing a video can be done using a standard single camera. So you can use basically any device and no additional investments are needed to use our Dynamix mapper software.



Upload your video.

In minutes you will get a highly detailed 3D point cloud, ready for analyze or export.



Use the provided tools to do CAD measurement, couture generation, point-cloud manipulation, mesh generation and much more

Our Algorithm In Action

Contour and mesh generation