Construction & Geodesy

Improve project visibility bringing together recent 3D maps, panoramas, videos, and photos into a single report for all stakeholders to visualize and make actionable project decisions.

Earthworks using drone surveying

Perform fast surveys for upcoming or ongoing construction projects capturing millions of points that can be used for:

Volumetric analysis, including cut and fill analysis. Accurate measurements of earth moving. Capture elevation data in a matter of minutes. 3D visualization of the construction site. Accurate haul cost estimate

Speed construction projects planning

Create accurate 3D models from construction sites that can be used for the planning and design of the project. Using Ground control Points (GCP) or RTK/PPK drone you can get centimeter level of precision which can be used for accurate excavation planning or accurate data collection.

Monitoring construction progress

Monitor the progress of the construction on 2D or 3D base and compare it to the project design plan.

Export data as point cloud or vector for further analysis in third part CAD, BIM or GIS software.

Create reports for the mapped area, with excavation data, area and volume calculation.

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