Vision Dynamix is a software company that develops mapping software for unmanned aerial vehicles based on computer vision and 3D scene reconstruction

SLAM based
Our solution uses method for Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM). This method allows us to find the location of the vehicle and in the same time build a map of the surroundings. The two separate parts, the localization and the mapping are complementary, the first uses the other for optimizing its accuracy and vice versa. 
Uses single RGB camera and on-board drone sensors
In our solution the mapping is done with standard HD camera with high resolution, we expect that the accuracy of the system to be in the range of laser scanners. The advantage with respect to these systems is that they are more expensive (from 10 to 100 times) compared with our product, they require specialized personnel, the processing of the collected data takes longer, and they are large to be mounted on small aerial vehicle. In our product the processing of data is done online on the vehicle itself, this brings the possibility that the processed data is used for visual navigation and collision avoidance, something that is trend in science and technology in this moment. 
Centimeter level precision with RTK GPS integration
Using Real Time Kinematic GPS we get high precision measurements without usning Ground Control Points.
Our system vs Photogrametry and Lidar mapping - comparison:
Creation of high precision 3D aerial maps is part of the mapping industry which in the recent years started to expand especially with the development of the drones and high performance embedded computers. This is complicated procedure which requires great competence and it is usually very expensive
Vision Dynamix produces a software that can create high precision 3D maps in real time for considerable reduction of cost
Our software based on state of the art algorithm for Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) can achieve the accuracy of the laser positioning systems in real time which makes it suitable for autonomous navigation
The total weight of the system will be few hundred grams, which make it suitable to be used in any kind of vehicle including small drones or to be used as hand held device

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